Parent Organization: University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Tennessee Transfer Connect strives to cater to the needs of nontraditional students on campus. The University of Tennessee has a growing population of nontraditional transfer students. TTC's goal is to advocate and attempt to bridge the gap between social and academic life on campus through events that help students come together in a fun and interactive way. Providing support and a communal atmosphere we believe plays a significant role in students acclimating to the "Volunteer" lifestyle.

Primary Organization Advisor Name

Sara Hopper

Advisor email address


When do the organization's elections / leadership transition take place each year?

Last meeting of the academic year at designated meeting place.

When does the organization meet?


Where does the organization normally meet?

Mary Greer Room- 2nd Floor Hodges Library

Annual programs and events of the organization is known for:

No Response

When does the organization tradItionally recruit new members?


Name and email for who those interested in joining the organization should contact?

Brandon Hayes bthayes@vols.utk.edu



Address Knoxville, TN 37916