Parent Organization: University of Tennessee-Knoxville

We, at LASO, believe that we can connect Latino students to empower them and give them a voice. LASO is an organization in which Latino students and the Latin community in Knoxville can speak openly about issues concerning Latinos today. It is about building solidarity, community, and discussing the unique experience that is being a Latino in college. We welcome all allies with the interest in learning and respecting our cultures.

Primary Organization Advisor Name

Tanisha Jenkins

Advisor email address


When do the organization's elections / leadership transition take place each year?


When does the organization meet?

Tuesday's @ 6:30pm

Where does the organization normally meet?

Frieson Black Cultural Center

Annual programs and events of the organization is known for:

Noche de Baile con LASO (Dance Night w/LASO) Churros y Chocoate

When does the organization tradItionally recruit new members?

Beginning of Fall and Spring!

Name and email for who those interested in joining the organization should contact?

Alicia Salamanca asalaman@vols.uk.edu Luis Pedraza and jpedraza@vols.utk.edu Esthelia Rios erios1@vols.utk.edu Tanisha Jenkins tjenkins@utk.edu


April 30,2017

Address 1800 Melrose Avenue
Knoxville, TN 379
Phone Number P:(865) 974-6861
Fax Number F:(865) 974-0888