Parent Organization: University of Tennessee-Knoxville

The Roosevelt Institute Campus Network, a national student initiative, engages young people in a unique form of progressive activism that empowers them as leaders and promotes their ideas for change. Through communication and coordination with political actors and community members, students identify pressing issues facing their towns, counties and states. Taking advantage of the unique resources on their college campuses, they engage in policy research and writing and then connect the fruits of that research to the political process, delivering sound, progressive proposals to policymakers and advocacy groups. We call our unique model of policy activism Think Impact. Adding policy papers to picket signs, Think Impact engages young people in activism fueled by innovative, student ideas.

Primary Organization Advisor Name

Adam Eckerd

Advisor email address


When do the organization's elections / leadership transition take place each year?

End of Fall Semester

When does the organization meet?

No Response

Where does the organization normally meet?

No Response

Annual programs and events of the organization is known for:

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When does the organization tradItionally recruit new members?

No Response

Name and email for who those interested in joining the organization should contact?

Sawyer Smith, ssmit257@vols.utk.edu



Address 1640 Cumberland Avenue
Knoxville, TN 37996-3340