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"Your Portion" -What is it? (YP)

"Your Portion" strives to provide students with the knowledge/ awareness of eating disorders as a whole, including types, what to look for, etc. through events and activities that promote eating disorder awareness (EDA).

1794 Scholars

1794 Scholars Program

2016 Orientation Leaders

The Orientation Leader team works hard to welcome UT’s New Vols. The Orientation Leaders greet new students, parents, and family members during UT’s orientation sessions for first-year, transfer, and adult students.

Academy of Student Pharmacists (ASP)

This organization is to help connect pre-pharmacy students with members in the field of pharmacy. Our parent organization is APhA-ASP at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Knoxville.

Ad Club

The purpose of Ad Club is to unite students of any major with interests in advertising, marketing, or general creative business practices.

Advancement of Neuroscience at UTK

An undergraduate student organization to promote interest in neuroscience-related topics including research, and to network like-minded students, faculty, and other professionals.

Adventist Christian Fellowship @ UTK (ACF)

Adventist Christian Fellowship @ UTK is an organization dedicated to sharing the Love of Jesus Christ and connecting with others to share the Joy of an unbelievably loving God.

Advocates For Autism (AFA)

Advocates For Autism aims to raise awareness, educate the campus, and raise funds to provide local students, families, and adults with resources, support, and education. about autism and individuals on the spectrum.

African Student Association (ASA)

African Student Organization is an on campus organization that is open to African and non African students. Our main goal is to bridge the gap between Africa,UT and the greater Knoxville community.

AIM Accounting Alliance (AAA)

An alliance between students, businesses, and the Accounting and Information Management Department of the Haslam College of Business created to promote professional and community relationships as well as personal growth.

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