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Advocates For Autism (AFA)

Advocates For Autism aims to raise awareness, educate the campus, and raise funds to provide local students, families, and adults with resources, support, and education. about autism and individuals on the spectrum.

Ambassadors for Mental Health Awareness & Suicide Prevention (AMHSP)

The mission and purpose of the AMHSP is to promote awareness of mental health and suicide prevention to college students.

Arts & Alzheimer's

We are active members of the Purple Cities Alliance. We have two events monthly. One event is led by students with hands-on arts activities at the University of Tennessee Baker Center, and then another event is run at the Knoxville Museum of Arts.

Association for Applied Behavior Analysis of the University of Tennessee (ABA-UT)

The mission of ABA-UT is to promote applied behavioral analysis research and practice. Specifically, ABA-UT will serve as a scientific and professional reference and networking group. Furthermore, ABA-UT will disseminate ABA information.

Bachelor's Social Work Student Organization (BSWO)

Bachelor's Social Work Student Organization (BSWO)

Be The Match On Campus

Be The Match On Campus® is a growing movement of student led chapters at more than 80 colleges around the country. They are all doing something epic—delivering cures for blood cancers. Join us and be the cure!

Campus Clean Up Crew (CCC)

The Campus Clean Up Crew was created to beautify the University of Tennessee Knoxville's campus by utilizing previously established resources both on campus and in the greater Knoxville Community.

Campus Disability Advocates (CDA)

Advocacy for individuals with disabilities through service and awareness.

Crohn's and Colitis Club (CCC)

The purpose of the Crohn's and Colitis Club (CCC) is to provide a safe environment where those suffering from Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis can share their struggles and encouragements.The club will also seek to raise awareness for both diseases.

Environmental Law Organization (ELO)

The Environmental Law Organization seeks to connect its members to each other and the broader environmental law community and to inform them of the environmental law and policy issues they are likely to encounter during their careers.

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