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Calvary College Ministry (C2 Ministry)

Religious-based service organization affiliated with Calvary Baptist Church

Campus Disability Advocates (CDA)

Advocacy for individuals with disabilities through service and awareness.

Campus Events Board (CEB)

The Campus Events Board organizes events and activities ranging from the fine arts, concerts, late night programming, film screenings, speakers, comedians, Tennessee traditions, and much more.

Campus Outreach at the University of Tennessee (CO)

Campus Outreach is a Christian ministry dedicated to providing opportunities for students from multiple cultures and affinity groups on the campus to be successful in their spiritual life.

Canoe and Hiking Club (UTCH)

Canoe and Hiking Club

CASNR Ambassadors

CASNR Ambassadors serve the college, student body, and community through recruiting of prospective students, representing and supporting of the college, and promoting public awareness of opportunities within the college and the field of agriculture.

Catfishing Club at the University of Tennessee (CCUT)

The purpose of the Catfishing Club is to fish competitively for catfish in the surrounding reservoirs, lakes, and rivers in the local region, in addition to waterway conservation efforts.

Center for Career Development

We are your first stop for all things career-related. We provide career counseling, career exploration classes, interest and personality assessments and resources to help you choose a major and career. If you seek employment, we can help you identify par

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