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Earth and Planetary Sciences Student Association (EPSSA/GeoClub)

Earth and Planetary Sciences Student Association (GeoClub) promotes fellowship among Earth and Planetary Science Students and geoscience outreach to the local community.

Economics Club

The Economics Club is an academic organization who strives to enhance the knowledge of students studying/interested in Economics.


EcoVols is a peer-to-peer environmental education program within the residence halls aimed at reducing energy and water usage, reducing waste and increasing recycling, and promoting other sustainable living habits.

Egyptian Student Association at the University of Tennessee (ESA)

The mission of the ESA is to strengthen the bonds among Egyptian UTK students, and to help them engage in the university community to eventually promote the Egyptian culture through discussion, cultural programs, service events, and social activities.

Engineering Mentor Program (EMP)

EMP is a student organization that aims to give beginner level students interested in engineering access to upperclassmen engineering mentors at UT.

Entomology and Plant Pathology Graduate Student Association (EPPGSA)

The Entomology and Plant Pathology Graduate Student Association is a student organization focused creating a positive environment and dialogue between students, community outreach events, and presenting research in our field to parties that may benefit.

Environmental Law Organization (ELO)

The Environmental Law Organization seeks to connect its members to each other and the broader environmental law community and to inform them of the environmental law and policy issues they are likely to encounter during their careers.

Environmental Studies & Sustainability Club (ESS Club)

This is a club primarily for students in the Environmental Studies and Sustainability majors to meet and network with each other and environmental professionals at UT and in the local area.The club engages in local volunteering, trips, and networking

Equestrian Club Team at UT

Equestrian Team at UT

Esports Club

Our organization provides a friendly environment for students to play, talk, and watch various video games. We also offer the opportunity to compete against other universities in the competitive eSports scene.

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