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Game Design and Virtual Reality Club

This club is for designing and producing games.

Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society

The objectives of the organization are to recognize and encourage excellence in education; To promote the development of leadership ability and character in its members

Gamma Sigma Sigma (Gamma Sig)

Gamma Sigma Sigma

German Club (German)

German Club

Get Fruved! Student Organization

The Get Fruved Student Organization is a student-led initiative to promote health and wellness through advocacy and service on the UTK campus and surrounding community! We want to make a difference and make sustainable changes!

Global Medical Training (GMT)

GMT is an international organization which provides medical services and dental services to in need Central American countries. Aspiring medical students receive hands on training while learning about the culture and healthcare system of the host country

Global Studies Club (UTK Global Studies Club)

The purpose of the Global Studies Club is to raise awareness of international issues, provide a medium for other Global Studies students to engage with each other in a meaningful way, and promote the Global Studies Major to all students.

Global Zero

Global Zero is an organization dedicated to raising public awareness about nuclear weapons and nuclear countries. We also advocate on the reeducation and eventual total elimination of nuclear weapons.

Golden Key International Honor Society (Golden Key)

Golden Key International Honor Society

Golf Club at Tennessee (Golf)

Golf Club at Tennessee

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