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Machine Learning at UTK (utkML)

The utkML is a University of Tennessee student driven organization focused on machine learning. We believe in the value of interdisciplinary collaboration between people of diverse backgrounds.

Macro Social Work Student Network Chapter of the University of Tennessee (MSWSN-UT)

This organization is open to all students, but is geared for Macro Social Work Students to exchange ideas, offer services, and develop programs in the interest of the Macro community at large.

Management Society

The Management Society is a semi-professional student-led organization whose goal is to prepare the future managers of the world. By building relationships with business professionals, as well as amongst ourselves, we foster an environment where we can

Manthan - (Indian Student Organization) at the University of Tennessee (Manthan)

Manthan - (Indian Student Organization) at the University of Tennessee

Martial Arts Club

The MAC was founded in 1991. Since the beginning, the club has given students the opportunity to compete nation wide and develop effective self-defense skills. The club offers instruction to all levels of athletes and contributes to their needs.

Massey Hall Council

Massey Hall


MAST is the premier professional development organization for Master’s of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) students at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Master's Social Work Organization (MSWO)

Master's Social Work Organization

Material Advantage-UTK

The purpose of this Chapter shall be to promote among its members a self-sought increasing knowledge of metallurgy, ceramics, materials science and engineering and all its branches and to instill a professional pride in their chosen life work.

Materials Research Society - University of Tennessee, Knoxville Chapter (MRS-UTK)

Materials Research Society-University of Tennessee, Knoxville Chapter seeks to promote professional development, provide an environment that encourages interdisciplinary discussions, and enhance both undergraduate and graduate student involvement.

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