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African Student Association (ASA)

African Student Organization is an on campus organization that is open to African and non African students. Our main goal is to bridge the gap between Africa,UT and the greater Knoxville community.

Asian American Association (AAA)

The Asian American Association is made up of undergraduate and graduates students of the University of Tennessee.

Bangladesh Students Association (BSA)

Bangladesh Students' Association

Black Student Union at University of Tennessee (BSU)

The goal of the Black Student Union is to unify black and minority students on the campus of UTK. Through dialogues, programming, and service, we will create a supportive and inclusive environment.

Brothers United for Excellence (B.U.E.)

Brothers United for Excellence is a student organization that promotes academic excellence, professionalism, social development, and health and wellness attainment. B.U.E. strives to serve as a resource for students to succeed through college years.

Chinese Students and Scholars Association at the University of Tennessee (CSSA)

CSSA Student Organzation at University of Tennessee

Culture Shock Society (CSS or Culture Shock)

The purpose of Culture Shock Society is to promote the cultural awareness and self-expression of students through mass communication, as well as to promote the development of each individual.

Diaspora Student Association (DSA)

DSA is open to students interested in making UTK a bridge between Africa and America. The organization’s main goal is to introduce the values and perspectives of African cultures through Pan-Africanism.

Diverse Organization of Business Students at The University of Tennessee (DOBS)

Diverse Organization of Business Students at The University of Tennessee

Egyptian Student Association at the University of Tennessee (ESA)

The mission of the ESA is to strengthen the bonds among Egyptian UTK students, and to help them engage in the university community to eventually promote the Egyptian culture through discussion, cultural programs, service events, and social activities.

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