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Art History Club

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote interest, involvement, and conversation of pre-modern art works and theories, as well as post-modern and contemporary art works and theories.

Astronomy Club (Astro Vols)

Astronomy based social club that helps its members learn more about the night sky.

Campus Callosum

A Community for Controversial Conversation and Service

Campus Clean Up Crew (CCC)

The Campus Clean Up Crew was created to beautify the University of Tennessee Knoxville's campus by utilizing previously established resources both on campus and in the greater Knoxville Community.

Canoe and Hiking Club (UTCH)

Canoe and Hiking Club

Crossfit UTK (Crossfit)

Crossfit club at the University of Tennessee. Each class will be instructed by Level-1-certified crossfit trainers Eric Rees and Baker Donahue. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join!

Esports Club

Our organization provides a friendly environment for students to play, talk, and watch various video games. We also offer the opportunity to compete against other universities in the competitive eSports scene.

Latter Day Saints Student Association (LDSSA)

Latter Day Saints Student Association

Minorities Interested in Outdoor Recreation/Exploration and Environmentalism (MORE)

MORE (Minorities interested in Outdoor Recreation/Exploration and Environmentalism) seeks to motivate mindfulness and interest in the natural environment among diverse populations through Exploration, Scholarship, and Service.

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