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Clement Hall Resident's Association (CHRA)

CHRA is a body of student representatives for Frank G. Clement Residence Hall. Any resident of Clement Hall is automatically a member of CHRA. CHRA strives to provide programs and opportunities for residents to engage with one another and our campus.

Dean of Students (DOS)

The mission of the Office of the Dean of Students is to engage and support students throughout their learning experience by providing co-curricular programs and services.

Fred Brown Residents Association

Residents Association for the Fred Brown Residence Hall

Hess Hall Council (HHC)

Hess Hall Council provides entertaining and engaging programs to the residents of Hess Hall.

Humes Hall Residents Association (HHRA)

Humes Hall Residents' Association

Laurel Hall Residents' Association (LHRA)

Laurel Hall Residence Association

Massey Hall Council

Massey Hall

Morrill Hall Residents Association (MHRA)

As we live and learn together, we strive to make our hall a home. We are the Morrill Hall Residents' Association. #MakeMorrillHome

North Carrick Residents Association (NCRA)

North Carrick Residents Association is the student-led committee responsible for community building and resident education for the residents of North Carrick Hall located in Presidential Courtyard.

South Carrick Residents Association (SCRA)

South Carrick Residents Association

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