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SACNAS Chapter at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville (SACNAS UTK)

To further the work of, to improve the effectiveness of, and to enhance the public understanding of and appreciation for Chicanos, Latinos, Native Americans, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, and other underrepresented minorities in the sciences

Sailing Club at UT (Sailing)

The University of Tennessee Sailing Club has been an actively promoting the sport of sailing to university students for well over a decade. We teach those with little to no experience as well as develop sailors with years of racing experience.

SALUTE Veterans National Honor Society at UTK (SALUTE)

This is a national veterans honor society designed to recognize outstanding academic achievements by student veterans at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Saudi Arabia Student Association (Saudi Club)

This organization will represent Saudi students at UT

Sculpture Club at UT (Sculpture)

News, events, and happenings from the Sculpture program at the University of Tennessee.

Secular Student Alliance at the University of Tennessee (SSA)

Secular Student Alliance at the University of Tennessee

Sexual Empowerment and Awareness at Tennesseee (SEAT)

Sexual Empowerment and Awareness at Tennesseee

Sexual Health Advisory Group (SHAG): Planned Parenthood Generation Action @ UTK (SHAG)

A student run branch of Planned Parenthood Generation Action aimed at advocating for reproductive freedom and providing education about sexual health on UTK campus.

She's The First - University of Tennessee (STF*{UTK})

She's the First*{UTK} uses education as a key to global development and understanding by sponsoring girls’ education in low-income countries, giving them the chance to become the first in their families to graduate from secondary school.

Short Films Club (SFC)

This club is dedicated to the creation of short films. If you have interest in any aspect of short film production, then this club is a perfect fit. We strive to make films that are submittable to festivals and to have fun in the process!

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