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"Your Portion" -What is it? (YP)

"Your Portion" strives to provide students with the knowledge/ awareness of eating disorders as a whole, including types, what to look for, etc. through events and activities that promote eating disorder awareness (EDA).

Adventist Christian Fellowship @ UTK (ACF)

Adventist Christian Fellowship @ UTK is an organization dedicated to sharing the Love of Jesus Christ and connecting with others to share the Joy of an unbelievably loving God.

Antioch Community Church-College Ministry (ACC-College)

We are College Ministry that is apart a local church, Antioch Community Church. As in all areas of our church, our college ministry is centered around Lifegroups, small group communities that meet weekly in students’ homes.

Asian American InterVarsity (AAIV)

The mission of Asian American InterVarsity (AAIV) at UTK is to make Christ's love known through service and fellowship throughout the University of Tennessee, Tennessee, and the world.

Association of the Knights of Columbus

Association of the Knights of Columbus

Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM)

The BCM seeks to make Christ known at the University of Tennessee through providing opportunities for spiritual growth, making friends, leadership training, service, and missions.

Bridges International (Bridges)

Bridges International

Calvary College Ministry (C2 Ministry)

Religious-based service organization affiliated with Calvary Baptist Church

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