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Badminton Club at the University of Tennessee

Badminton Club at the University of Tennessee

Ballroom Dance Team at the University of Tennessee

The Ballroom Dance Team strives to introduce the art/sport of ballroom dance to the campus community, provide a fun social activity, prepare team members for intercollegiate competitions, and support the Knoxville dance community.

Baseball Club at UT (Club Baseball)

Club Baseball Team At UT, Knoxville

Bass Fishing Club

Bass Fishing Club at UT

Catfishing Club at the University of Tennessee (CCUT)

The purpose of the Catfishing Club is to fish competitively for catfish in the surrounding reservoirs, lakes, and rivers in the local region, in addition to waterway conservation efforts.

Chess Club (Chess)

Chess Club at UTK

Clay Target Club Team

To create and establish a long term competitive student driven organization that promotes a safe, educational, and enjoyable experience in the sport of clay target shooting.

Crew Club at UT (Tennessee Crew)

Co-ed rowing team at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Cycling Club (Cycling)

Cycling Club Team

Equestrian Club Team at UT

Equestrian Team at UT

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